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Death of an Icon


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Anybody , Moderated

Welcome to Death of an Icon, the icon and resource community of carnivalnights. This community will house icons, mood themes, textures or any other resources I decide to create. Just FYI, though, I do specialize in stock icons (and 'specialize' does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with 'talent'). Entries will probably be bi-weekly, but I do get random bursts of inspiration that are usually spent online, designing or icon-making. If you are interested, please feel free to friend this community.

R E A D   T H I S

  • Credit carnivalnights or deathofanicon when using anything from this community. (How do I credit?)
  • Comments are not necessary but always adored. I dislike pretty much everything I create, so knowing other people actually enjoy my work is nice.
  • Textless icons are not bases, so please do not alter them.
  • No hotlinking. I have problems with this already so I do not host my icons on my domain, but I do not want my Photobucket account being banned either.
  • Do not repost my icons or resources elsewhere. Instead, link to the entry in this community.

  • C R E D I T S

  • Layout overrides by thefulcrum.
  • Resource post here.

  • A F F I L I A T E S

    squaresoflove, jusley, buri_chi, superbeicons, dreamsquare, eclipse_icons

    Interested? Leave a comment.

    O T H E R

    Icons made before April 2006 can be found at hotsexicons or in the Memories.

    You will also find me posting at good_qaficons, lautnericons, bettingonblack, twiconic, sortofbeautiful, adamlambertetc, goodstockicons & stock_icons.